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CCW Training and Services Offered
Rates and Fees
Effective January 01, 2018
Training by former U.S. MARINE, NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor.

Firearms Transfers (out of state) 45.00 Plus California Dross (25.00) and Tax (8%)

• Private Party Transfers ( Face to face)  35.00, no tax or other fees
• Orange County CCW Class (16 hour) 160.00... Plus Range Fee
• Orange County CCW Class (4 hour refresher) 100.00… Plus Range Fee
• Orange County Private CCW Class 170.00... Plus Range Fee  
• NRA Basic Firearms class for newbies… Call for quote

***Custom ordering of firearms requires full payment. Canceled orders because of failed background, change of heart, etc. will result in a 25 percent penalty.***