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New California Firearms Laws Starting July 01, 2021

The new laws while challenging at best, can be easley understood here within this message.

First, this new rule mostly applies to complete semi-auto rifles that are chambered in center fire such as: 556, 223, 308 you get the idea. Specifically targeting the AR and Ak types. 22.s and all rimfires, pistols and Shotguns remain unaffected no matter their configuration and if conforming to California law. I.e.. Having a 16-inch barrel and overall length of 27 inches long if a rifle as an example. Pistol specifications remain the same.

Specifics of this rule applies to the 30-day registration process. Allowing only one pistol or affected rifle within a 30-day period.

Stripped lowers are not affected by this new law. There is a easy work-around if you want to do the work.

If you obtain an FFL 03 which is easly obtained from the ATF for 35.00 or a California COE for 14.00 - will allow you as a normal citizen to bypass the 30-day rule and as a side note, you will be able to obtain ammo shipments Straight to your door.

What You Can and Cannot Do

In one time -You can register one pistol and as many shotguns or as many stripped lowers as your heart wants.

You can order 1 pistol either cowboy, semi auto, revolver or other within a 30-day period (same as before.)

You may register as many stripped lower receivers or shotguns as you wish.

You may register one targeted semi auto rifle within a 30-day period.

Be aware that, as always different dealer has their own rules and may or may not allow you exercise your wishes to the extent the new rules allow.

 JTS Firearms will register your all firearms as per the letter of the law.